The Business of a Non-Profit
Date Posted: Aug 30 2015

In our last blog post we told you all about the challenges our team, and the hospital, face. Today we’re giving you an insight into Hospital for Hope, the non-profit organization. There are a lot of similarities to running a for-profit business organization, but there are also a few key differences…

Communication – successful communication is at the heart of all organizations and non-profits are no different. However, with a core team spread across the USA (who all have full-time careers), local partners in Jharkhand in India and supporters all around the world, effective communication isn’t just as easy as a quick conversation across an office. We use technology to keep our ‘virtual team’ in almost constant communication and it takes genuine passion from everyone involved to maintain this project as a priority for us all.

Goals – all successful organizations set goals and our non-profit is the same, we believe that’s an important part of being effective. We set ourselves short-term goals, but ultimately all of these contribute to our long-term goal – to develop a self-sustaining hospital that provides accessible healthcare to 100,000 people across Jharkhand. Our goal setting is never just a paper exercise, everything we do is with this in mind.

Priorities – there’s so much we want to do and so much we want our hospital to accomplish on its road to self-sustainability. It is for that reason that setting priorities is such an important part of our current activities. It’s too easy to be idealistic and believe that we can accomplish ‘everything’ and all at once. Instead we have to take our goals one at a time and focus on achieving each of them successfully. Many for-profits are concerned with growth – we are too, but the hospital has to grow at its own pace and in a way that can be sustained into the future.

Value – whilst most businesses claim to focus on value, this is usually with the aim of maximizing profits. For us, the pursuit of value is to ensure that each and every cent of each and every donation is spent wisely and to the greatest benefit. This is something we don’t get complacent about and we revisit regularly to make sure we’re meeting this important goal.

Fundraising – for us as a core team, based in the US, this is where a lot of our efforts currently lie. Of course we can’t effectively run a hospital in India from here, and we have our extremely capable trusted partner organization working locally to take care of that side of the project. Financial matters are key to every organization and as a non-profit, fundraising effectively is one of the most important things we can do. We’ve spoken a lot about some of the amazing fundraising efforts that have happened recently, but we’d love to hear your ideas! Tell us about the best charity fundraising you’ve seen or been a part of – what’s the best event you’ve been to or the best feature you’ve seen? We can’t wait to hear your stories!