The Art of Communication
Date Posted: Sep 28 2015

We value our supporters – the people who give us their time, the people who donate and the people who help us share our project with others. Every action from every person has an impact upon our goals at the Hospital for Hope.

It’s for that reason we try to keep you all up to date about what we’re doing. Hopefully you’ll have noticed that we’re doing that in a few different ways now.

We’ve started this regular blog feature on the website where we give you an insight into something specific – an issue affecting the hospital, a fundraising effort or our latest ‘news’.

We’ve also now got an ongoing social media presence with Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn where you’ll find these blog postings but also some related content that we think might be of interest.

Last, but certainly not least, is our email newsletter. This is the information we give to our most loyal supporters and there’s always something in there that you won’t find in our social media posts. Signing up is easy – just visit this page and input your name and email address in the newsletter sign-up section on the bottom left . Our newsletter comes out a maximum of four times a year so don’t worry, we’re not going to be clogging up your inbox and we certainly won’t be passing on your details to anyone else. It’s just a very simple way to show us your support and hear a little bit more about what’s going on.

But now, we’re keen to hear from you. What do you want to know more about? Is there something you’d like to see a blog post dedicated to? Do you want to know more about the village, the hospital itself or our fundraising efforts? If you could ask us anything, what would it be?

Drop us a message on Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn to let us know and you might find your query is our next blog post or Facebook posting! We like to keep you up-to-date but we’d like even more for that to be things you’re most interested in hearing about!