Our team, consisting of Stanford University alumns, have been living and working with Jagriti Vihara, a well respected NGO in the northern state of Jharkhand, India, over the last decade. Our collective involvement goes back to summer 2000, and through the years we’ve helped build a school lab and a library.

The Team

Amit Garg
Amit worked as a teacher in Jagriti Vihara (the NGO that Hospital for Hope serves) in the summer of his freshman year, in 2000. He has been connected to them since and helped raise funds to build a library and a high school lab, start a course in college to prepare students for volunteer work, and sent 30 peers to India over the course of 4 years. Amit believes in sustainable development and has co-founded a program to teach computer skills to disadvantaged high school students, co-founded a social enterprise to promote literacy, been honored with the James W Lyon Award for his commitment to leadership and service, spoken at 3 TEDxes, and selected as a Global Shaper by the World Economic Forum. Amit did his undergraduate and masters at Stanford focusing on technology and life sciences, and his MBA at Harvard Business School. He has built his career in technology in Silicon Valley — product and analytics at Google, his own startup, and as a venture capitalist, at Norwest Ventures and currently at Samsung’s early-stage fund. Amit was born and raised in Vitória, a city on the southeastern coast of Brazil, and is a die-hard fan of Brazilian soccer.
Arthi Chakravarthy
Arthi is a member of Hospital for Hope, and has participated in various community service activities for over 10 years. She, along with classmates at Stanford University, pioneered the first student-led service-learning course at Stanford University, and helped organize service-learning programs in India for students at Stanford University. Arthi has her bachelors and law degree from Stanford University, and is currently an attorney at Wilson Sonsini Goodrich & Rosati. In her spare time, she loves watching off-beat films.
Vidya Chander
Vidya volunteered at Jagriti Vihara the summer after her junior year at Stanford. After graduating from Stanford with a degree in Electrical Engineering and from MIT with a degree in Operations and Supply Chain Management, she has both worked in technology at Cisco, HP and Google and on social projects, with focuses on sustainability and conservation. In 2014, Vidya organized, choreographed, and performed in a classical dance program to raise funds for conservation organizations in South Asia. She is very excited to continue working for the area around Jagriti Vihara.
Melanie Kannokada
At Stanford, she studied Mechanical Engineering while taking part in a number of social entrepreneurship initiatives. She volunteered at Jagriti Vihara the summer after her freshman year and is thrilled to continue work for the NGO through Hospital for Hope. During her time at Stanford she served as the Student Body President her final year, was selected as a Mayfield Fellow, and received the Book Award for her service and contribution to the University. After graduation, she worked as a Business Analyst at McKinsey & Company before leaving to pursue her passion in the arts and has since been active as an actress, dancer, and writer, for both screen and stage.
Neil Kothari
Neil has served as a community worker with various non profits focused on alleviating urban poverty while an undergraduate and afterwards. While in college, he was a teacher with SUPPORT in Mumbai, working with homeless children. He also worked in Ahmedabad with SAATH which provides education, services and infrastructure for slum dwellers. Neil did his undergraduate in Computer Science from Stanford, was a financial analyst with Goldman Sachs and BlackRock and is currently pursuing an MBA at the Wharton School.

Since 2000, we have honed our skills in our careers and studied at some of the nation’s top academic institutions. Our passion for public service has been fortified through our work with communities across the world.

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