Spreading the Word
Date Posted: Nov 2 2015

The last few weeks have been busy for our team as they continue to spread the word about the Hospital for Hope.

Amit Garg delivered a wonderful presentation at TEDxPedradoPenedo. This event was the first of its kind in Vitória, Brazil, and Amit described himself as “Honored beyond words” to have the opportunity to speak about the Hospital for Hope in a place that is so special to him personally.

You can watch his presentation here…

Melanie Chandra appeared on Hollywood Today Live to discuss her new show “Code Black” along with her co-star Benjamin Hollingsworth. This was Melanie’s first talk show appearance and it was fantastic – even getting Hospital for Hope a mention!

You can watch the full interview here…

And the reason our team are so keen to be out there and spreading the word about Hospital for Hope? Because it makes a difference.

This month also saw Mert and Martha return to the hospital. They were there when the hospital was built – they were integral in the process! They took almost a year away from their friends and family to help make the Hospital for Hope dream a reality. And now they have returned to do more amazing work. Among their projects this time around is the installation of a solar powered refrigeration unit to help improve the services offered by the center. In an area where electricity is unreliable and some vital medications require refrigeration, this makes a real difference.

So thank you for your ongoing support of the Hospital for Hope – please feel free to help us spread the word!