San Francisco Benefit set for July 2015
Date Posted: Mar 4 2015

To celebrate two years since the hospital’s opening, we will be holding a benefit in San Fransisco this July!

Just a few years ago, building a hospital in India was just a dream of a group of college kids. They put their heads together, and with the help of some incredible partnerships, they planned, fundraised, and inaugurated a hospital in Jharkhand, with the goal of providing basic healthcare to a region of over 100,000 villagers in a very underserved area of India. Since the hospital opened in summer of 2013, over 7000 patients have been provided healthcare. At the present moment, the hospital is treating over 1000 patients a month. The numbers are growing steadily, and it is our goal to serve over 2000 patients a month by end of year.

We are working hard to raise awareness of the hospital’s mission and its impact on the lives of the villagers, and we hope you can join us in July to celebrate and learn more. We will be posting specifics of the event in the next few weeks. Stay tuned!

– the Hospital for Hope Team